Music Is More Than The Beat of a Drum or Notes From A Piano Keyboard, Music is Life.

As one of Atlanta's leading music producers,

Tico Hudson has been bringing it to the music scene for years. Whether as a musician for the Grammy-nominated Ziklag Boys or as a Two-Time Stellar Award Winning Composer

Tico has worked with and garnered the respect of some of the music industry’s most talented artists and leaders:



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Dallas Austin

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Kurtis Blow

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Lil IROCC Williams

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Darlene McCoy

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Canton Jones

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EJ the Witchdoctor

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Ghetto Mafia

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Recording Studio

Country Rap_Producer

Tico Hudson Productions now offers Recording Studio services

Rates start at $25/hr (2hr minimum)

Latest News

Introducing “Pranayama”, by Solé. Produced by Tico for Tico Hudson Productions

Mixing and mastering of the Solé’s upcoming December 2018 release, name TBD, is finished. “Pranayama” the project’s single, and “The Formula” were both produced by Tico for Tico Hudson Productions.

Featured Tracks

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Bringing Passion to the Atlanta Music Production Scene

With every beat of a drum, strum of a guitar and note on a keyboard, Tico Hudson brings magic to the recording studio for each musical arrangement. Retaining 18 years of experience in the music industry, Tico knows not just what is hot in music but what it takes to make it in the hot music industry.

As part of Tico Hudson Productions, Tico Hudson shares not only his extraordinary musical talents and artistry but his music industry experience and wisdom. Bringing to artists both musical inspiration and solid expertise on what it takes to make a hit song.

Music is the intensity of a beating heart’s rhythm, the passion of love within one’s soul, the calm of a sleeping child. The creativity to capture and breathe music to life is extraordinary. Finding someone who has the faith, talent, artistry and dedication to create music that can move a listener to action or even better…bring peace is rare. Tico Hudson is one of these unique musical artists.

Tico Hudson Music Productions

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Tico Hudson Productions’ Services

With Atlanta quickly becoming the filming industry’s Hollywood of the East, there is an increasing demand for high-quality music to meet the needs of music directors (music supervisors), music managers, audio engineers and musical artists. Tico Hudson Productions offers one of the nation’s most unique, sweeping music catalogs.

Music Production

When it comes to the creativity of music production, no one can come close to living a life of true, spiritual sacrifice to produce pure, soul-inspiring music like Tico Hudson.

Music Licensing

Music Licensing and Music Beds are complicated areas to maneuver even for expert music industry professionals. In Atlanta’s booming film and television industry it is crucial to find copyrighted music.

Song Writing

Whether your need is for a groundbreaking song for an emerging, new artist, an advertising agency seeking a jingle (tune)for your newest product, or a musical soundtrack to

Musical Genre Work Includes:

(Twice Stellar Award Winning Producer)

Whether you are a music manager looking for music to help a new artist break onto the scene, a music director looking for that perfect musical score to bring a film moment to life or just a connoisseur of great music, Tico Hudson Productions has your inspiration.
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