An Atlanta Music Producer’s Insights for Achieving Creative Balance

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Whether you’re an artist, producer, or any kind of creative mind, you know inspiration doesn’t happen in just any environment. To ignite the creative fire, everything has to be just right, but how do we get there? Well, that’s different for everyone, but Atlanta music producer Tico Hudson has a few pointers on how to get there.

Light a Spark

Top-notch songwriting and music producing are products of creative balance; that’s where our best art comes from, and here are some considerations from an Atlanta music producer to keep in mind for getting artistic qualities into your work.

Area. Some of us prefer working in the studio, but others have their best ideas in a more economical space like a bedroom or living room. Be comfortable and don’t let anything hold you back. Grab a can of your favorite soda or whatever calms you down and dive into your work. Spend dedicated time to your craft however you do it best—just be relaxed and productive; that’s the balance we all strive for to create inventiveness.Atlanta Music Producer_Practice

Practice time. What good is setting aside creative time if, when you go to write a song, you can’t play it properly? Jam time is not the same as practice time; set a schedule when you’ll refine and sharpen your abilities. Spend some time in the shed and write down goals to work your way up. Practice time is so undervalued, but it will take you to the next level. Also, try learning some new songs that are a bit outside of your realm; you’ll expand your abilities, tastes, and repertoire, which, in turn, which do all the same to your original work.

Software. Pro Tools is the preferred software of most in the industry, but it’s certainly not the most economical. If getting Pro Tools isn’t in your budget, you have other options. Ableton is a perfectly capable software that gets the job done—plus, it’s free. Another economical option would be Garage Band, which is included on most Apple devices. Whatever you use, make sure you know how to navigate it well to minimize distractions. Also, use plug-ins; tones, sounds, and effects can inspire and transform your piece.

Peace of mind. Over everything, your mind could be the biggest mountain you have to hurdle. From something as little as trying to remember whether you turned off the stove to getting hung up about a serious argument, these mental distractions can suffocate creativity.

Yes, getting your ducks in a row is probably the best solution, but, with our hectic lives, that’s not always feasible. Ultimately, though, you need to clear your mind before getting in the zone—that could be through shooting some hoops, escaping through playing piano, or even going for a drive. However you need to go about it, clear your mind of any hangups that could quash your creativity.Atlanta Music Producer_Collaborate

Collaborate. If you aren’t too into riding solo, collaborations could pay dividends for you. Surround yourself with people who can inspire you—other artists or music producers. Get with someone you respect and could learn from; bounce ideas off each other and create something more impactful than you ever foresaw.

Team Up with a Grammy-nominated Atlanta Music Producer

Tico Hudson is a two-time Stellar Award winner who offers music producing and songwriting services. In addition to being an Atlanta music producer, he’s a musician who plays piano and reads music, and artists and other producers can collaborate with him nationally through Pro Tools.

With experience and a proven track record in so many genres such as rap, R&B, and EDM, Tico Hudson is a true inspiration to work with. Contact Tico Hudson Productions today at or 770-870-4065. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for more insights.