Country Rap: A Genre with Wide Appeal

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August 17, 2017
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Just like peanut butter and chocolate, rap mixed with country seems like an unlikely pairing, but it works so well. Country rap, which some call hick-hop, is an increasingly popular genre that’s topping the charts.

Artists of all genres have always been experimenting with sounds, arrangements, and combinations. Without that experimentation, we wouldn’t have the styles of music we enjoy today. Country rap is the pleasing genre that is the result of originality and experimentation, and, just like the combination of peanut butter and chocolate, it’s here to stay.

Country Rap is on the Rise

For decades, artists in the country genre have been trying out new ways to perform and present their music. Think back to The Devil Went Down to Georgia and some of Johnny Cash’s hits; those beloved tunes paved the way for the innovative combination of country rap. Despite the genre being minimally explored, country rap songs have erupted into the top 40 lists.

Artists: Break Out of the Box

Exploring uncharted territory is intimidating for anyone, but don’t let a small hurdle keep you from branching out. Artists are constantly evolving to stay fresh and revolutionize their sound, and giving a go at another genre is the perfect way to flourish.Country Rap_Musicians

Whether you’re a rapper or a country artist, consider collaborating outside of your genre. Great artists who don’t branch out miss out on so many opportunities to grow as musicians and as a brand. The fanbase of whom you team up with will be introduced to you, expanding your brand beyond what it once reached. Bounce ideas off each other, grow your exposure, and make great music.

Film Production Use

If you’re a music supervisor or manager, you’ve probably riffled through options to bring a breath of fresh air to your productions. Country rap is on the rise, and adding it to your project will give it a distinctive flair that’ll attract a widespread audience. Appealing to two enormous cultures makes country rap a no-brainer to use as your video production musical score.

Country Rap_Producer

Picking a Music Producer

Finding the right fit in a music producer is usually quite the process—especially with a unique genre like country rap. Musicians who are producers are the perfect combination of talent artists need to work with.

Tico Hudson is a Grammy-nominated Atlanta music producer who’s also a musician; he reads music and plays piano and tenor sax. With music production and song writing services, Tico Hudson has what it takes to produce a song top to bottom.

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