Music Licensing

Music Licensing and Music Beds are complicated areas to maneuver even for expert music industry professionals. In Atlanta’s booming film and television industry it is crucial to find copyrighted music and assure that the licensing is handled correctly. At Tico Hudson Productions, we provide the highest quality music for your film, television, advertising or video project with careful licensing oversight to assure you are covered creatively and legally.

Offering a large and unique portfolio of copyrighted music for licensing, Tico Hudson Productions is proud to provide premier music selections that can cover a large range of genres by Grammy-nominated, Stellar Award-Winning Producer and Musician, Tico Hudson.

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Tico Hudson Productions offers a wide range of genres to choose from for music licensing needs:

“At times, the creation can take a form of its own, it can be Soul Music influenced by various other styles of music, like Trap, Pop, EDM, R&B and even some Rock,” says Tico Hudson.

If you are a music director (music supervisor) or music manager searching for creatively, unique musical tracks for your film, television or advertising project needs, we have your solution. To learn more contact Tico at