Music Production

When it comes to the creativity of music production, no one can come close to living a life of true, spiritual sacrifice to produce pure, soul-inspiring music like Tico Hudson.

Starting from his roots as the founding member of the Grammy-nominated ZiklagBoyz, Tico Hudson has worked hard and paid his dues to become one of Atlanta’s premier and most sought-after music producers. Having endured through the realities of being born into poverty, Tico brings a raw honesty to the music he produces.

Carefully weaving a tapestry of high energy pitches, deep tones, heavy beats and gripping arrangements, Tico’s soul is in each carefully produced note. With a mixture of musical street magic, rhythmic passion and cutting-edge instrumental talent, Tico can create a song from a to z, no matter what the genre. Whether the need is musical arrangement or score composition, Tico can provide an epic experience that epitomizes human strength come to life through music.

“At times, the creation can take a form of its own, it can be Soul Music influenced by various other styles of music, like Trap, Pop, EDM, R&B and even some Rock,” says Tico Hudson.

Spending hours on end in the recording studio moving the music from his head to the keyboards, beat machines and microphones, Tico’s in his element when in session. Tico Hudson’s beatmaker, signature sound is what he simply dubs, “soul music.” With the latest creation of what some musicians call “trap soul” music, Tico incorporates the design of his own sounds to produce music of great expression.

It is no wonder that such noted industry talents like Dallas Austin and Kurtis Blow are among Tico Hudson’s impressive list of clients.

Tico is currently taking inquiries for artists looking for a creative music producer, that can take their music recording to the Grammy level. Tico Hudson has a proven track record and years of experience working with some of the music industry’s greatest talents. To learn more, contact Tico at