Tico Hudson Productions' Music Catalog

With Atlanta quickly becoming the filming industry’s Hollywood of the East, there is an increasing demand for high-quality music to meet the needs of music directors (music supervisors), music managers, audio engineers and musical artists. Tico Hudson Productions offers one of the nation’s most unique music catalogs.

Offering the option to select from an infinite catalog of songs, Tico Hudson Productions provides convenience and flexibility when sourcing a musical track that is unique, creative and offers the highest quality sound. Providing a wide range of genres to choose from including:

(Twice Stellar Award Winning Producer)

If you are seeking a musical composition created with the expertise of a Grammy-nominated, Two-Time Stellar Award Winning Producer and Musician, Tico Hudson Productions is your source. Offering dynamic, intensely driven music that can stir the soul through the magical sounds of deep tones, high energy beats and masterful arrangements, our music sales can provide the perfect musical score for your film production or song arrangement.

Need a unique composition to meet your needs?