Christian Gospel Music Producer

The development of genres like jazz and R&B paved the way for Christian gospel. As those types of music emerged, musicians started adding a message of hope and salvation to new songs of the same style. Today, Christian gospel is a widespread genre that uses music as an outlet to spread spiritual support by focusing on the foundational premise of the Bible.

The signature sound of this genre shines with vocal excellence, stellar instrumentation and praise-worthy rhythms. The power of Christian gospel doesn’t stop when the music ends; Christian gospel inspires lives with expressive, meaningful lyrics that are driven home by out-of-this-world vocals. A genre with this much depth, significance and advanced technique used can be mastered only by a top-notch music producer.

Unlike most producers who buy equipment to use preset sample tracks to create a song, Tico Hudson goes beyond that. He’s a two-time Stellar Award winning music producer and musician who reads music and plays the piano and tenor sax. With 18 years of experience and a full grasp on music, Tico Hudson has what it take to produce a well-polished, original song top to bottom. The Grammy-nominated Tico Hudson can collaborate with artists and other music producers nationally with Pro Tools.

Tico Hudson has a proven reputation as an Atlanta music producer, which has allowed him to collaborate with some of the industry’s top talents—such as Darlene McCoy. Through offering services like writing, producing and licensing music, Tico Hudson can give what your Christian gospel song needs to be a hit. Contact Tico Hudson Productions at or (678) 561-7892 to learn more.

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