EDM Music Producer

As disco music took a dip, artists took the same techniques used in that genre to explore new sounds, rhythms and styles. One of those was EDM: electronic dance music. This genre revolutionized the club scene in the 1980s, and EDM started gaining steam in the early ‘90s, gaining popularity over other electronic-based genres.

As technology has developed and progressed, so has EDM. Each new day brings new innovative tones and revolutionary beats for EDM. The genre’s hits produce a certain ambiance and atmosphere that can’t be replicated in other styles of music. With the genre constantly evolving and progressing, making fresh EDM songs is near impossible without advanced musical knowledge.

Unlike most producers who buy gear and software to use preset sample tracks to create a song, the Grammy-nominated Tico Hudson is a musician who reads music and plays the piano and tenor saxophone. Given his experience and full understanding of music theory, Tico Hudson will meticulously give care to each note in order to produce a well-polished, original and one-of-a-kind song. Tico Hudson can collaborate with artists and other producers across the U.S. with Pro Tools.

Tico Hudson has a proven reputation as an Atlanta music producer, allowing him to work with some of the industry’s top talents throughout his 18 years of experience in the field of music. By offering services like writing, producing and licensing music, Tico Hudson can give what your EDM track needs to be a hit. To learn more, contact Tico Hudson Productions at ticohudsonproductions@gmail.com or (678) 561-7892.

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