Hip-Hop Music Producer

Hip-Hop burst on to the scene in the ‘70s in New York City when DJ, Kool Herc was emceeing at a party but, radically different than anything expereinced before. Using a turntable as an instrument, evoking energetic, scratching sounds, Kool Herc played only instrumental sections of songs, while a fellow DJ hyped up the crowd with vocal percussions mimicking drum machines. This evolutionary, new sound struck a chord, the crowd went wild. Hip-hop was born.

Since then, Hip-Hop has been an unstoppable, massive wave of energy, spreading from NYC to literally all over the globe. Hip-Hop music has grandfathered not only many new styles of music but a whole culture of style including fashion, art and slang.

With dawning of the digital age, Hip-Hop has continued to evolve. Incorporating pulsating musical sounds using both instruments and computer software along with high-energy vocals, all blended together through the mastery of electrifying music production, Hip-Hop is kicking down genre barriers as it continues to grow its audience.

As this powerful genre continually metamorphs finding its way into other genres of music, innovation and ingenuity play important roles in creating a new Hip-Hop beat.

Tico Hudson is a Grammy-nominated, Atlanta music producer known throughout the music industry for his visionary Hip-Hop sound. Writing, producing and licensing music, Tico is soughafter by artists all over the nation looking to capture the perfect Hip-Hop sound for their music. With 18 years of experience, Tico Hudson has combines a musician’s heart, industry expertise and the latest sound technology, Pro Tools, to produce hard-hitting, innovative tracks that take Hip-Hop sound to a whole new level.

With experience collaborating alongside talents such as Dallas Austin and Kurtis Blow, Tico Hudson is a trusted and preferred Atlanta music producer who can take a hip-hop artist’s music to the next level through his writing, producing and licensing music services. To learn more, contact Tico Hudson Productions at ticohudsonproductions@gmail.com or (678) 561-7892.

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