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Pop music rocketed onto the scene with the dawn of 1950s jukebox. Earlier radio music had sought to sooth America’s wounds after the Great Depression and WWII with the lighthearted instrumentals and calming vocals. But as America’s teens grew, so did the stir for new more energetic, youthful sounds.

Suddenly, names like Chuck Berry, Bill Haley & The Comets and The Drifters opened doors to even bigger names like Elvis, Johnny Cash, The Beach Boys and The Beatles. Once Motown began to break down the racial barriers of music, America’s youth embraced the amazing sounds of artists like The Four Tops, Smokey Robinson, Dianna Ross & The Supremes and The Jackson 5. But with each new decade, Pop Music has changed absorbing yesterday’s Country, Hard Rock and R&B sounds into today’s Pop Music. Great musical artists such has Michael Jackson, Elton John, Madonna, Maroon 5, Brittany Spears, Beyonce and Justin Timberlake have gone on to truly define Pop Music as its own genre by bringing their own unique sounds to life with capitvating energy.

If there is anything that is certain, it is that this ever-changing genre is well-alive and unstoppable. Whether it is smooth, soulful sounds of romance, infectious harmonies of the joyful fun of life or verberating beats of rallying crys for social justice, all these embedded multi-layered personalities make up the captivating nature of the Pop genre. But these brilliant artists didn’t do ti alone, meticulous, trailblazing music production that has had the foresight to not only see today’s music trends, but tomorrow’s, has been the rocket behind creating Pop Music.

Tico Hudson is a Grammy-nominated, established talent who has 18 years of experience in the music industry under his belt creating hits. As a two-time Stellar Awards’ winner and one of Atlanta’s leading music producers, Tico Hudson is known in the music industry for having the musical vision to see what is HOT now and in the future of all genres including Pop.

Developing sounds, beats and rythms that are unique, gripping and full of energy, Tico Hudson is sought after as an industry leader by music artists, music producers and music managers. By incorporating his musical talent for song writing and his skills in Pro Tools for music production, Tico has the ability to create high quality sounds that are unque and powerful for the artist and listener.

Ready for Tico Hudson to take your Pop sound to the next level? To learn more, contact Tico Hudson Productions at ticohudsonproductions@gmail.com or (678) 561-7892.

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