R&B Trap Soul Music Producer

In the late ‘40s, the Jump Blues genre was thriving thanks to artists like Cab Calloway and LaVern Baker, but, as it relied less on improvisation and more on song development. As Jump Blues became more popular it transformed into Rhythm and Blues, R&B. Blending the roots of Jump Blues with R&B’s soul and passion, artists like Ray Charles, Etta James, B.B. King and Aretha Franklin lead the genre flourished. R&B has developed into its modern-day form, to a sound with polished progressions, inspiring instrumentation and soul-gripping vocals that make up the desirable tones it is known for.

R&B’s diversity over the years has enlightened audiences and made the music among the top in the world and a staple genre in today’s more favored categories in the music industry. However, the maturing development and thriving popularity of R&B doesn’t mean its songs are effortless to produce.

R&B is a demanding genre that takes experience, expertise and passion to produce. As a dynamic style of music, all great R&B songs are the products of detailed, attentive ears. R&B can’t be made without an understanding of advanced music theory, a knowledge of music production and years of experience in the music industry.

Whereas other producers use their equipment to use preset sample tracks to make a song, Tico Hudson is a musician in addition to being a producer; he reads music and plays the piano and tenor sax. Tico Hudson’s experience and full knowledge of music allows him to put together a song start to finish. Tico Hudson can collaborate with artists and other producers nationally with Pro Tools.

Tico Hudson’s proven reputation as an Atlanta music producer has led him to work with some of the industry’s top talents throughout his 18 years of experience in the field of music. He’s a Grammy-nominated, two-time Stellar Award winner who knows what it takes to produce a hit track. Through writing, producing and licensing music, Tico Hudson can take your R&B track to the next level. To learn more, contact Tico Hudson Productions at ticohudsonproductions@gmail.com or (678) 561-7892.

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