Rock Music Producer

Coming onto the scene in the ‘40s, rock music became is global phenomenon during the mid-century’s British Invasion. Early rock songs were predominately fixated around piano riffs, but it later became dependant on the electric guitar. Rock has been a favored genre for centuries now, and it’s versatile; from hair-raising ballads to adrenaline-inspired hits, rock is a lively type of music that can evoke a multitude of emotions.

Rock groups usually play with a live drum set, a bass guitar, electric guitars and vocals—while other instruments may be used. Edgy vocals, electrifying instrumentation and larger-than-life grooves are rock’s defining qualities, striking a chord in amped-up audiences. Considering its live instruments, powerful melodies and emotional surges, rock requires a knowledgeable music producer to make a song sound professional.

Most producers get equipment to use preset sample tracks to create a song, but not Tico Hudson. In addition to being a producer, he’s a musician who reads music and plays the piano and tenor sax. With 18 years of experience and a full understanding of music theory, Tico Hudson has the know-how to produce a well-polished, original song. The Grammy-nominated Tico Hudson can collaborate with artists and other producers nationally with Pro Tools.

Tico Hudson has a proven reputation as an Atlanta music producer, allowing him to work with some of the industry’s top talents. By offering services like writing, producing and licensing music, Tico Hudson can give what your rock song needs to be a hit. Are you ready to rock? Contact Tico Hudson Productions at or (678) 561-7892 to learn more.

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