Trap Music Producer

Trap is the product of the maturation and rising popularity of hip-hop and rap. With roots in the South, trap is a blend of lively electronic-based genres like rap and EDM. This genre adds a punch of attitude and stirs an excitement in audiences. Many think trap is a recently emerged genre, but it’s an established genre; though it has a cutting-edge sound, trap has been in the scene for years.

Low frequencies, tight samples, hi-hat triplets and crisp vocals make up trap music. It’s an increasingly admired genre that thrives when worked on by someone with a tasteful, refined ear. The cooperation between trap’s different tones working in correlation doesn’t happen by accident; hit trap songs are the brainchildren of true, top-notch music producers.

Substandard producers use their equipment to use preset sample tracks to create a song; however, Tico Hudson is a musician who reads music and plays the piano and tenor saxophone. Given his experience and full understanding of music theory, Tico Hudson can put together a song top to bottom. The Grammy-nominated Tico Hudson can collaborate with artists and other producers nationally with Pro Tools.

Tico Hudson has a proven reputation as an Atlanta music producer, which has led him to work with some of the industry’s top talents throughout his 18 years of experience in the field of music. By offering services like writing, producing and licensing music, Tico Hudson has what it takes to make your trap song a knockout. To learn more, contact Tico Hudson Productions at or (678) 561-7892.

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