Secrets for Choosing an Atlanta Music Producer

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Artists and music producers work hand-in-hand to create works of genius; the two sides rely on one another for success, so finding the perfect Atlanta music producer is a decision that could make or break a musician.

What does a Music Producer do?

A music producer is someone who helps develop and record songs. The touch of a music producer is the difference between a song that sounds amateurish—as if it were recorded in someone’s bedroom on a smartphone—versus a song that sounds tight, crisp, and professional.

When musicians work alongside music producers, they are assisted with finding the perfect track for their songs, helped with songwriting, and get a professionally-recorded piece that’s well-mixed and produced.

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How to Select a Music Producer

  • Follow the footsteps of artists and groups similar to your style.
    Some groups just have that certain flair about them that separates them from the pack. Often times, the group’s music producer is the one behind that unique sound. The artists and groups you aspire to follow—find out who their producer is.
  • Network with local musicians. Networking in any industry is so important, but it’s especially make-or-break in the music scene. If you’re serious about your music, you possibly frequent music stores; the owners of those shops are probably well-connected with the local music scene, and they’ll be able to hook you up with the right people. Also, let social media be your friend. Facebook has endless groups and pages specifically for music artists and producers; social media can take you to the next level. Even though you’re an artist and not a producer, know who’s who in your industry.Atlanta Music Producer_Connection
  • Search locally. If you are to use search engines to find a music producer, do it locally. Make sure to include your city’s name when searching online—e.g., “Atlanta music producer.” Music producing is best done locally.
  • Pick someone you click with. You’re about to start a creative project with another person; being able to gel together and get on the same wavelength is so important to your success. Picking just the top producer or the most convenient one for you might not be the best choice; go with someone who will help you soar and can take your music to the next level.

Who to Pick:

If you’re looking for an Atlanta music producer, look no further than Tico Hudson Productions. Tico Hudson is a Grammy-nominated, two-time Stellar Award winner who has an impressive list of clients that you could be a part of. He will meticulously care for each note and detail of your song to make it sound on par with the biggest hits.

Contact Tico Hudson Productions today at 770-726-1163 or for more information. Check out Tico Hudson Productions on Facebook and Twitter for more tips from the music industry.