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We can all sing or clap along to our favorite songs, but in-depth songwriting is an art that truly separates effective commercials from unsuccessful commercials.

Be Remembered

Let’s play a game. You’ll see some unfinished lyrics below—complete them.

Give me a ____! Give me a ____! Break me off a piece of that ___ ___ ___!

Of course, that was an easy game to win; that song you probably just sang in your head has been the famous jingle of KitKat since 1957. The chocolate bar was recently voted the most influential candy bar of all time, and its jingle might just be to thank for that.

Be Effective

KitKat is just one of myriad examples of jingles done right. Songs and advertising go hand-in-hand as music strikes a chord with consumers. Whether the song that accompanies an ad is a catchy jingle meant to memorable or an emotionally driven soundtrack that is intended to enhance the human-interest aspect of an ad, music does all good and no harm to a commercial.


As humans, we’re emotional beings. Certain sights, scents, and tastes evoke emotion out of us, and sounds are no different. At concerts, people bond over enjoyable music, and the adrenaline-influenced emotions of concertgoers are positive ones. All that meaning: We respond well to sound, so why not use high-quality songwriting in your advertising? The better question would be: Why wouldn’t you?

The most memorable ads bring an element of emotion and often contain a catchy, well-placed music track. After a few times of hearing them, commercials with good, fitting music pass the longevity test.

Be Selective

What genre works best? Depending on what message you want to send, they all work well. Genre selection depends on the target audience mixed with the product or service being pushed. On the other hand, the wrong music messaging for an audience can make an ad fail, meaning genre matters in advertising aspects other than music. So it is important to have a songwriter who is experienced and can create the perfect musical track with the messaging needs to carry.


Tico Hudson, an Atlanta-based, Grammy-nominated, two-time Stellar Award-winning music producer, is well versed in songwriting and can bring enthusiasm to your commercial music needs. Specializing in numerous genres such as rap, R&B, EDM, and rock, Tico can create musical tracks that will make your brand instantly recognizable and motivate your audience to action. Tico’s knowledge of music theory blended with his tasteful creativity makes him the likely candidate for your songwriting needs in advertisement.


To learn more, contact Tico at info@ticohudsonproductions.com or 770-726-1163.

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