Choosing Your Video Production Musical Score Wisely

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August 11, 2017
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Filming and editing visuals are only half of the video production process. Video is best optimized when accompanied by music, but picking out the ideal video production musical score to best complement and highlight your video is a tough nut to crack.

When choosing a video production musical score, the following categories should be considered.

What to Consider:

AudienceVideo Production Musical Score_Audience

During pre-production is usually when the target audience is determined. Based on that selection, the script, message, and overall tone of the video are tailored to fit that market, and the same should go for the music that’s incorporated into the video.

If you are gearing the content toward a younger audience, they might like a track that has more of a fresh, new-age feel to it. Older audiences might be more appreciative of classy, subdued tones—perhaps something reminiscent of a different era that gives a sentimental, nostalgic feel to the video.

Always consider audience in any project you’re doing, but especially when selecting music.


If you’re producing a video to push a product or service, the track you choose will become synonymous with the product or service. If you think about products with commonly run ads—such as for a dating website or fast food—the more successful ones have a song that will involuntarily tiptoe into your head at any moment.

Communicate through song how you want your product or service to be identified.

GenreVideo Production Musical Score_Band

Picking the right genre just as important as messaging. Horror films usually have dark, ominous soundtracks, whereas action movies are jam-packed with epic orchestral pieces that would give anyone chills; if the two were to swap musical genres to the opposite type of movie, each flick would have completely different feels while suffering in quality as a result. Some of Hollywood’s more celebrated movies lean on the defining qualities of their impressive, suitable soundtracks.

Also, consider the pacing of the song and the video. A car chase scene in a movie would feel different if it were to have a ballad to accompany it. Consider all aspects of a genre when picking your music.

Selecting the appropriate genre is among the more make-or-break decisions to make in video production.


To obtain the copyrights of a song, you’ll need to make room for this in your budget. Minimizing this aspect when crunching the numbers could result in a huge dip in quality in one of your video’s defining qualities. Pricing is usually negotiated between a music producer and the client.

Make Your Video Unique

Video production is a team effort, so let Tico Hudson Productions help with the video production musical score of your project. Grammy-nominated Atlanta music producer Tico Hudson offers music producing, music licensing, and song writing services that’ll help your video production come to life.

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