Music Licensing for Your Atlanta Company Advertising

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August 4, 2017
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August 17, 2017
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Advertisements are eye-catching, but being simply visually captivating is not enough for today’s marketing industry; to grab a consumer’s attention, commercials need music, and music licensing is the way to go for your Atlanta company advertising.

Use Music to Enhance Your Message

Implied messaging is among the best tactics for advertising. Camera angles, vocal inflections, and visual cues all work together to develop and communicate a strong message. Music in advertising adds that extra layer that will catch the consumer’s attention. Music can help tell your story, shape your messaging, and highlight your product or service.

How to License Music

Though you could have a custom song written for your commercial, consider licensing music. This isn’t limited to TV-run ads; advertisements to be run on social media need music, too.Atlanta Company Advertising_Keys

To pick a song, identify what message you want to send. If the product you’re selling is slick, techy, and innovative, an up-tempo song that’s in-your-face might be most appropriate for what you want to convey. If your service is a tropical getaway, perhaps a subdued, relaxing piece would be the best fit. Once you know what song or the style of music you want, reach out to artists and music producers.

Starting the process is as simple as contacting artists and producers who are open to licensing their music. When contacted about licensing a song, music producers and artists generally want to know the following:

  • A synopsis and the budget of the commercial
  • How the song will be used in the ad
  • Where the commercial will be placed—e.g., local TV stations or social media

Pricing varies from case to case. When you’re budgeting out your project, include what you’re willing to spend for music. Negotiations will happen for you and the producer or artist to come to an agreement. Keep in mind that licensing music is generally cheaper than hiring a songwriter.Atlanta Company Advertising_Producer

Obtaining the license for a song for your project is extremely important because you could face major legal battles if you use a song without permission. Overall, make sure you go about this the right way; know who can help.

Let Tico Hudson Productions Help

You have an idea to express in your ad, and music can bring life to that story. Tico Hudson is a Grammy-nominated, local music producer who will license his music for your Atlanta company advertising needs. His wide array of genres to choose from include rap, EDM, pop, rock, and R&B. Tico Hudson Productions can give licensing oversight to your project to ensure you’re covered regarding copyright laws.

Contact Tico Hudson Productions today at 770-726-1163. For more tips about music production and licensing, check us out on Facebook and Twitter.