Tico’s Story

When you make music in Atlanta, you must be great. With the heart of Gospel, R&B, Rap and Trap all centered in the same state, good musicians are in no short supply. Great music producers, creative musicians, audio engineers, inspiring songwriters and leaders in the music industry are easy to find but finding someone who is all of these, well that’s a whole different matter.

Grammy-nominated and Two-Time Stellar Award winner, Tico Hudson, is definitely one of these rare finds in a sea of amazing talent. A true artist in the field of music, Tico’s heart beats to the notes of Pop, Hip-Hop, Rock, EDM and so many other genres.

The Grammy-nominated ZiklagBoyz

As the owner and creative inspiration behind Tico Hudson Productions, Tico Hudson brings an exciting, unique and fresh sound to the music industry. With a rich history born out of a musical talent that appeared at five-years of age, Tico first burst on to the musical stage as a member of the Grammy-nominated ZiklagBoyz.

As a creative force behind the trio, Tico played a key role in bringing their first major hit, Money Comin, to the world of church worship. Followed by a string of other cult classics, such as the tune, Raw and Uncut, which earned them the first single release position from the Grammy-nominated compilation, Holy Hip Hop, Vol. 1: Taking the Gospel to the Streets.

Since the Ziklag Boys’ days, Tico Hudson’s music has continued to draw major artists and music labels to his one-of-a-kind, high energy production style. But no true musical artist is born without paying one’s dues. Suffering through the theft of his life’s investment, his studio equipment and instruments, threatened to bring him to the brink of calling it quits on his life’s dream.

The best music however, is often birthed from trials and tribulations, and Tico Hudson’s musical force refused to be broken. Having survived many situations early in life from gunfights to homelessness, Tico maintains his faith and focus on God’s promises.

Working ordinary, non-music jobs early on, Tico maintained that God was not done with him yet. While living in an Atlanta homeless shelter, Tico wrote and submitted an essay to Ludacris’ “Luda Day” organization, earning him one of 20 cars given away by Luda’s non-profit organization. Hudson describes this as a “pivotal” and “life-changing” event in his life, as it enabled him to secure full-time employment and save up for new production equipment.

The Music Returns

From that point, it was back to the roots…back to the pianos that his mom and grandmother sacrificed and bought, one for him to practice on whenever he was at either house.


Tico quickly garnered attention producing for local artists and more regional artists, like Ghetto Mafia, Innocent Felonz and others. He has since worked with super-producer, Dallas Austin, on Darlene McCoy’s Fallen In Love (ATL Remix), producing the remix to her nationally-acclaimed hit from the movie soundtrack, Diary of A Mad Black Woman.


He’s also worked with Stellar award winner Canton Jones and has earned two Stella Awards himself for his production work with young gospel phenom, Lil IROCC Williams on The Sequel, winning best hip-hop album of the year. Tico’s contributions were three songs, including the single, Who U Representing, as well as a memorable verse on the gospel star-studded cut, Soul Snatcher.


As a result, Tico’s reputation as the Atlanta go-to music producer and songwriter continues to grow, affording him the opportunity to produce for hip-hop pioneer Kurtis Blow, whose song, If I Ruled the World, inspired Tico’s love for rap music.

With such attention from the music industry, Tico Hudson now spends his time and talent passionately working hours on end in the recording studio moving the music from his head to the keyboards, beat machines and microphones. And through his company, Tico Hudson Productions, a signature sound has evolved to what he simply dubs, “soul music.”

“At times, it can be soul music influenced by various other styles of music, like Trap, Pop, EDM, R&B and even some Rock,” says Tico Hudson.

A Leader in Atlanta’s Music Scene

Being a part of the Atlanta music scene fuels his creativity, allowing him to create what industry leaders call Tico’s own form of “Trap Soul” music. Tico accredits his cultivation of this uniquely distinguished music to his love for designing new sounds.

As one of Atlanta’s premier music producers, Tico Hudson is not limited to one musical style or genre. Being a musician first, Tico creates music that is unique, soulful and full of energy. His ultimate goal is to see more conscious music with a mature message that empowers and strengthens listeners in positive ways. In addition to creating songs, Tico Hudson is also currently producing Music Beds for advertising, television and film.

When it comes to his music, Tico Hudson’s “greatest desire,” as he calls it, “is that when people listen to my music catalog in its entirety, and put all the pieces together, that the big picture is one that communicates love, hope and inspiration to draw nearer to the God who created us all.”